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Italian Network for Lagoon Research

Italian Network for Ecological Research in Coastal Zone and Transitional Areas


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LaguNet is a scientific observational network studying the fluxes of nutrients and other contaminants from lagoon catchments to the near coastal environment.LaguNet was inaugurated during the workshop "Trasporto dei nutrienti negli ambienti acquatici di transizione lungo le coste italiane: valutazione dei flussi e delle funzioni dell'ecosistema " held in Venice 14-15th April 2002, and has the following objectives:

  • To provide a forum for discussion and cooperation between researchers who are studying biogeochemical processes in lagoons, wetlands and salt- marshes at sites along the Italian coast.
  • Evaluate available information and present understanding of the biogeochemistry of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous in transitional and coastal waters under the influence of catchment basins.
  • Discuss the feasibility of the application of the LOICZ Biogeochemical Model to such areas.
  • Promote an agreed common approach to studies of biogeochemical processes in these transitional ecosystems that can provide support to management or policy applications.
  • Consider the feasibility of developing one or more projects either in Italy or in Europe (with Mediterranean EU partners as well as eventually from Eastern Europe and North Africa).
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