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Italian Network for Lagoon Research

Italian Network for Ecological Research in Coastal Zone and Transitional Areas

V LaguNet Congress / Lesina (FG), 19-22 October 2011

Interactions between the transition areas and areas adjacent(terrestrial and marine-coastal areas)The Congress wanted to emphasize studies on the interaction of transition environments with marine-coastal and inland areas. The conference was also an opportunity to exchange for all those working at the interface of different environments, with different forms of protection and management, sometimes even conflicting.  The conference was held in Hvar, in Puglia, Gargano National Park, where you will find a wealth of great fragility and importance for biodiversity, such as that of coastal lagoons of Lesina and Varano. As early as 2010 in Marsala, was also dealt with the historical and cultural value of the lagoons.

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