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Italian Network for Lagoon Research

Italian Network for Ecological Research in Coastal Zone and Transitional Areas


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The association promotes scientific and cultural promotion of the study of aquatic environments of transition, lagoons, coastal wetlands and river mouths.

The benefits of being a member of LaguNet:

  •      to be part of the community and be able to boast the "title" of member;
  •      having your name in the register of members;
  •      to participate in a community to share culture, experiences and professional development;
  •      to be able to have information dedicated to members, having free access to the reserved web services  and staying updated with the status of the cultural and scientific debate;
  •      to be informed on the progress of science and technology by participating in numerous events such as conferences, workshops, seminars and other various events organized by the Association;
  •      to have opportunities to participate in projects promoted or carried out by LaguNet both in Italy and in Europe;
  •      to participate and be elected to bodies of the Association;
  •      to represent the association in national and international bodies.

If you wish to become a LaguNet member   Join Us to complete the registration form.

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